One year since I submitted my book proposal …

It has been a little more than a year (53 weeks to be precise) since I wrote my first post on this blog. So as a birthday gift to the blog, I decided to change the theme.

I had started my journey with the intention of sharing my experiences as  a first time fiction author who was trying to get his book published in India. On May 13th 2013, precisely one year ago, I had sent off the book proposals to the top three publishers in India. The result did disappoint me a bit, though it did not surprise me. All three of them rejected Now, Returned to India. Well.. two of them sent me the rejection emails, the third one is yet to respond.

As I worked on the draft, I became familiar with new terms like copy editing and cover design. The importance of a writing schedule became more and more evident (trust me, I am still not adhering to it the way I should). And thus continued my journey.

In the days to come, the editor will start their work on the draft. The cover designers will be finalized. And most importantly, my wife and I will start identifying self publishing agencies. And while I keep working on the sequel, she will fine tune the marketing plan. Exciting times lie ahead of us! With an end July/ early August release for the novel, time is really short.

The next few weeks are going to be quiet as the book is getting chiseled and polished. And I am planning to use this period to share what I have learnt about the book publishing industry in India so far. With that goal in mind, I thought of setting up a sister blog: Maze Pustak ( Maze, pronounced maa-zay, means mine in Marathi. Pustak is a Marathi word which means book. Pustak has the same meaning in Hindi and several other Indian languages as well. Watch out for in the days to come.

Since my last few posts dealt with the book publishing industry in India, I thought of creating another blog so as to stay true to the original intent behind this blog: tracing my journey as a first time author.

Back on Track

One of the most important things that I have learnt from talking to and reading about other authors is that they are incredibly focused when they are writing a book. Some have a set schedule: they might write during a specific time of the day. Others carry a letterpad and a pen to write down their ideas. One writer even told me that she tuns into a hermit: she spends a couple of months every year in central India, where her family owns property that is literally in the middle of nowhere.

You might have guessed that in my case, do none of the above applies. And that is a problem. So I am pushing myself to bring my writing back on schedule, I am hopeful of completing my draft in a month’s time. It is also unfortunate that I lost one potential reader past Monday, my mother, who was very keen on reading my first book. One hopes that the final product will do justice to her enthusiasm.