Beta Testing..

Well, sort of…

I thought that my novel was quite ready to share with a few near and dear ones, and so I made a call for help to my friends and relatives, alumni community and also members of the R2I Forum and requested them to review the sample chapters. The response was great, and this weekend, I sent off a few chapters to each of the 30 odd well  meaning persons who responded.

Their feedback has been humbling to say the least. They were very willing to share the Good, the Bad and even the Ugly. The Good, of course, was what works in the novel (language, flow, etc.) the Bad being what doesn’t work (too verbose?) and the Ugly are the typo’s, grammar that is out of place and the likes.

I had believed that after three rounds of review by myself and the missus, I was quite ready to send the novel off to the editors. Far from it. In order to do justice to the time and the effort put in by the reviewers, I will have to put in extra effort going forward.

Which makes me wonder: have other first time authors sent the draft across to their near and dear ones as well? How has their feedback/ response been?

Time for Introspection

Introspection. Image of art work created using Rangoli by Rushikesh Kave and Shekhar Khedkar, Vadodara, India, Nov 2013

I have been missing from this blog for the past month, and I only have one excuse for that: nanowrimo!

There was a period between October and First week of November when I was reviewing the first draft of Now, Returned to India. Somehow, I was not happy with what I had written. The novel was at around 60,000 words, and it had a flow, a good plot, the characters were there, but somehow I felt that the essence was missing. As a professor of mine would ask us “What is the soul of this story?”.

I somehow felt that the novel was lacking a soul.

Fortunately, nanowrimo came to my rescue. On November 8th, I set about re-writing the novel, and by the 25th, the rewritten draft done. (And yes, I even managed to hit the 50,000 word count in two weeks). The editing work has been in process for the past few days – not just to tie the loose ends, but also because I am at 90,000 words, which is much longer than the original draft. I am targeting to get it ready by the 15th of this month. That is five weeks beyond the original date that I had committed to myself and you, the readers. But hopefully the outcome will justify my efforts.

Nanowrimo 2013 winner