The Last Mile

This morning I woke up with a smile on my face. One more day to go for the book release. I smiled even more when I saw a mail from Amazon that my book had gone live. That was the good part, considering that the actual release or launch date is Friday the 29th.

But then my jaw dropped. There was some formatting error in the book description, and I had to go back and change it. (who likes to read a book blurb that has “<br><br> <br>” in between the lines? )

On a positive note, my author website is live, and that went without a glitch.

Now, getting ready for the last mile.

Back from a scouting trip

It has been several weeks since my last post- the reason for my absence is that I had drawn a blank when it came to my book writing, and was looking for that restart button. Something within me told me that the button could be found in central India – where my family comes from. So off I went for a couple of weeks, in the middle of the monsoons. I had traveled less than a thousand kilometers but I felt I had also done time travel. Everything was exactly the same as I had last seen it back in 2003, except that the rains had made the entire region green and the prettier.

And after a week of trudging through muck, fighting the occasional mosquitoes, drinking lots of super sweet tea, and lots of sleepless nights, I finally found my groove. The last couple of days in particular have been pretty productive, and I am looking forward to completing the draft by the end of this week.

p.s: I received a positive response from another publisher…Image