Migrating this blog to my author website

Migration- Umang Dutt

Dear readers,

Many of you have been with my journey as a first time author  for nearly two years. As I start writing my second novel, I think the terms ‘debut novel’ or a ‘first time author’ would be no longer applicable. At the same time, I have also set up my author website www.amarvyas.in, and I plan to start posting my blogs on my author site starting March 2015. For the next few weeks, I will post on both sites (this one and my author site)- so that the ‘migration’ will be smoother.

Please update your bookmarks to the new site

The reason for doing so are twofold. First of all, it is convenient- for the readers and for those who are trying to accompany me in my journey. Secondly, WordPress displays certain ads that are not really what I would like my readers to see. No, I am not against ads- after all, they help support the site. But sometimes, the ads that are displayed have content like “Sportswomen with the most appealing butts” or something similar. And that is a problem- for example, I had posted a link to my blog on a site for women authors. the bottom of my blog had one such ad – and I thought it was embarrassing. Under a different context, it would have been amusing, but not this one.

Those of you who have followed my blog on this wordpress site, I request you (and hope) that you will continue to follow my trials and travails on the new site, and looking forward to keep connecting with you there.

A big Hello and welcome aboard

Nearly two years ago, I began to pen down the outline for my first book. It is based on.. well, lets’ talk about it later :-).

The idea of writing a book has been brewing for quite some time now. Quite a few of you might have have read about my plans to write via Facebook, in my email signature, or in person. And I am very fortunate that my friends and family have told me that they would like to read my work. And I should make a special mention of my wife, who has supported me all along as I have started writing.

Unfortunately nothing much happened for the past several months. I was hasty in talking about my work, and was far far away from getting it completed to my satiafaction. After quite a few days of soul searching, and several rounds of re-writing, I am ready to re- send the draft of my first book to publishers. Over the next few weeks, I will post about where I am with my writing, how are the publishers reacting to it, and most importantly I would like to know your views about the book.

I know I have not answered the obvoius questions like what is the book about, what is the genre, etc..Not even the title! More on that to follow.