Cold Calling for Scheduling Interviews

Infographic: Launching MyKitaab #Podcast with over 10 recorded #interviews. In 1 month we completed 30 interviews. visit to listen to over 70 awesome interviews.

Cold Calling for Scheduling interviews for MyKitaab
Cold Calling for Scheduling interviews for MyKitaab

Chapter One- NRI:Now, Returned to India

When Amol Dixit left Chicago for India eighteen months ago, he had not imagined that he would find himself sleeping on the streets of Mumbai one day. He had planned to spend a year with his family in Pune and return to North America. When the year came to an end, he chose to stay back. And that’s when things really started going downhill. Very soon, he would be broke, unemployed and married. But Amol knew that his life was soon going to change for the better. Gyaani Baba had told him so.
Now, Returned to India is a Back-to-Rags story of a NRI who left for India and never went back.

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NRI:Now, Returned to India in Audio!

Author and Narrator Amar Vyas gives an overview of this audio (podcast). Each week, he will narrate one chapter from his debut novel NRI: Now, Returned to India. NRI features the protagonist Amol Dixit, and this book is the first in a four part series based on the life of this fictional character.

You can learn more about this book by visiting or on amazon at or listen to the audio by clicking below.



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Baalgatha: Classic Chlidrens’ stories

Classic Children’s’ stories in English and Hindi; delivered through WhatsApp. That is the simple promise with which we launched Baalgatha Podcast this month. I am happy to inform that we have received Ten 5- Star reviews on iTunes already! You can visit to listen to the sample stories and subscribe. iPhone or ipad users can subscribe by visiting

Akhilesh Tilotia, Bestselling Author

Akhilesh Tilotia, Bestselling Author of The Making of India.

Akhilesh is an analyst with a leading financial institution in India. He is the author of the bestselling book “The Making of India.” Akhilesh and I talk about his bookwriting journey, the editing, publishing and marketing phases, and advise for authors who have written a book and are looking to get it published.
You can listen to this high energy, yet fun-filled interview at
Akhilesh has a MBA from IIM, Ahmedabad and he is an alumnus of St Xavier’s College, Kolkata. He has taken several courses in Mumbai University including Securities Law and Astronomy. Akhilesh lives in Mumbai with his family which includes his wife, daughter and parents.

Feedback on NRI:Now, Returned to India

Feedback from a reader on NRI:Now, Returned to India- a sweet message that made my day: ”
Just read your book ‘NRI’ in one sitting- 2-3 hours on my Kindle.
As an 18 year old who shuttles between Mumbai and Pune every week, your book gave me a sense of familiarity and brought about some excitement.
Hoping to read your other works through the summer. Good job!”

You can read reviews of NRI: Now, Returned to India on amazon by visiting