Reviews for my book that you will not see on Amazon

Reviews for NRI:Now, Returned to India

I am posting some reviews I have received from readers who have read NRI:Now, Returned to India but their review was not accepted  on Amazon for a variety of reasons (not having an Amazon account,or outdated credit card information for example).

Written by a friend- Amol Dixit describes his journey that was. A civil engineer who went to US for graduate studies and employment decides on a whim to return temporarily. And how that turned out on many fronts. Gifted with the best style of writing- easy readable language with blunt honesty and sincerity of a person sans hypocrisy, this makes for engaging, riveting and enjoyable reading. Nostalgic for me too ,in a way, I too could identify with some of his experiences. And a wonderful ending- but he does promise to continue. This is Part 1 of his trilogy- I know I will be looking out for Part 2 and Part 3.
Enjoy my friends-and tell me what you think. The book is available on and you can review it too.

–Email from a beta reviewer, then a patient reader who tried several times to post this review on Amazon

“Have finished reading. Well done! And looking forward to the sequel!”
–Email from a reader received on Feb 7, 2015

“Dear Amar,
Received your first book. Thanks for sending a copy.  These days my wife’s has a sour throat and not doing her riyaz – so she grabbed the book and is enjoying very much.  We are fighting between us to get hold of the copy!!  I did manage to browse some pages and chapters and stayed awake to read most before she grabbed it back from me.  She is also reading late in the evening to finish it. It only shows you book is very good.  Could not hold my laughter at many places – the Marathi song changing after 20 years….your office being relocated…. directions on A4 glued to the wall .  The description of infantile surround sound stereophonic effect was too good…
Ok.  Keep writing – I guess the new books are on their way, right?”
–Email from a published author who is a faculty at my alma mater

“So far I have read half of your book. The language is simple & flow is excellent. Every time develops interest to read the next chapter. Reading gives me a homy feeling as describes Pune.”
–Email from a professional acquaintance.

“I did  read a few chapters of your book. It is positively hilarious & entertaining !”
–Email from an alum who is a senior executive in a manufacturing firm

“Amar writes really well. Just read his book NRI on a flight from west to east coast. Looking forward to the next volume..”
–Whatsapp message from a reader who bought the ebook.

Hi, finished reading your book yesterday. Must say it was too much fun 🙂 Could be made into a movie…really! Good job!

-Review on Facebook page

And finally,

“Loved the book. Simple crisp and REAL. Was very easy to relate to and the humour and one liners are also nice. All in all a pleasurable read…..looking forward to more from you Amar. Shabash!”

–Review by a friend who posted on Goodreads after trying several times with amazon, and finally giving up.

Which makes me wonder- what would you do if your readers kept telling you that Amazon would not allow you to post a review?

Migrating this blog to my author website

Migration- Umang Dutt

Dear readers,

Many of you have been with my journey as a first time author  for nearly two years. As I start writing my second novel, I think the terms ‘debut novel’ or a ‘first time author’ would be no longer applicable. At the same time, I have also set up my author website, and I plan to start posting my blogs on my author site starting March 2015. For the next few weeks, I will post on both sites (this one and my author site)- so that the ‘migration’ will be smoother.

Please update your bookmarks to the new site

The reason for doing so are twofold. First of all, it is convenient- for the readers and for those who are trying to accompany me in my journey. Secondly, WordPress displays certain ads that are not really what I would like my readers to see. No, I am not against ads- after all, they help support the site. But sometimes, the ads that are displayed have content like “Sportswomen with the most appealing butts” or something similar. And that is a problem- for example, I had posted a link to my blog on a site for women authors. the bottom of my blog had one such ad – and I thought it was embarrassing. Under a different context, it would have been amusing, but not this one.

Those of you who have followed my blog on this wordpress site, I request you (and hope) that you will continue to follow my trials and travails on the new site, and looking forward to keep connecting with you there.