All you wanted to know about Now, Returned to India

With one more week before the release of the print version of Now, Returned to India, I thought of writing this post to gather my thoughts about my whole writing experience. But first, let us begin what what the book is all about. 

Moving back to India was the last thing on Amol Dixit’s mind when he was leading a carefree life in Chicago. Then one day, he found himself sleeping on the streets of Mumbai.

Now, Returned to India is a Back-to-Rags story of a Non Resident Indian (NRI), and is a humorous account of the experiences of Amol Dixit, who relocates to India in haste. It all begins when he interviews for a job that he doesn’t really need, and then plans to spend a year with his family in India before heading back to North America. In a series of missteps which affect his social and work life, and cost him the woman of his life, Amol learns the hard way that living in India is no cakewalk. Inspite of these challenges, he decides to stay back in India. And just when his life has hit rock bottom, GB enters his life.

Now, Returned to India was shortlisted by DNA- Hachette in India for their “Hunt for the Next Bestseller” competition in 2014. This is the first book in the four part series by author Amar Vyas, and is inspired from Amar’s own blog which received over 100,000 views on the Return to India Forum (

Why did I write this book?
My book is based on a blog which use to maintain at the Return to India ( site. My posts received over 100,000 views. Many members on this forum read my diary and encouraged me to write a book based on my story. And one fine day, my wife asked me to do the same. Between November 2011 and March 2014, I wrote, re-wrote and fine tuned the draft, and finally the book is ready for release.
In the process, I realized that I had many more stories to share, and plan to write a few other books that deal with the life of the protagonist Amol Dixit, a fictional character whose life is loosely based on incidents in my own life.

Why should you read this book?
Now, Returned to India is a story of how Amol fails and how he ultimately overcomes his failures and realises what being an NRI means. Most important message from the story is, as they say, “Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail.”
Amol was a failure for the first year and a half of his R2I (return to India) because he did not plan the move well.
I am not the first author to write a book on the dilemma, issues and experiences related to R2I journey. My novel may not be able to answer several of the questions faced by those who are considering, are in the process of, or have R2I’d. I have used humor to narrate the story, and hope that you will be able to relate to it.
My novel has been reviewed by nearly 40 beta readers and the feedback so far has been very positive.

Where can you find more information about my Now, Returned to India?
You can reach out to me at:


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