Using a pen name..

Someone asked me why I am writing under the pseudonym Amar Vyas. In a way, that is my name too – Amar is short for Amresh, and Vyas happens to be my family name before one of our ancestors decided to change it.

But there is more to that. Whenever I would introduce myself as Amresh, people would end up mis-pronouncing my name. Incarnations of Amresh I have heard till date include Resh (Resh in Marathi means a string), Rich (which I am not), and even Reech (which means a bear in Hindi).Among the above it was Reech that caused most concern. Not for myself but for the poor bears. Their heads are too hairy, while I am folically challenged…. therefore I decided to use Amar.

Somehow I also feel a shorter name would be easier to remember. Amar Vyas… Face book… You get the picture!

As one turns to history, some have done so for a variety of reasons. Other have gone for a re-branding or sorts after they have been published and gone on to become successful authors. But I wonder if fellow first time authors written under a pen name or have thought of using one?


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