Using a pen name..

Someone asked me why I am writing under the pseudonym Amar Vyas. In a way, that is my name too – Amar is short for Amresh, and Vyas happens to be my family name before one of our ancestors decided to change it.

But there is more to that. Whenever I would introduce myself as Amresh, people would end up mis-pronouncing my name. Incarnations of Amresh I have heard till date include Resh (Resh in Marathi means a string), Rich (which I am not), and even Reech (which means a bear in Hindi).Among the above it was Reech that caused most concern. Not for myself but for the poor bears. Their heads are too hairy, while I am folically challenged…. therefore I decided to use Amar.

Somehow I also feel a shorter name would be easier to remember. Amar Vyas… Face book… You get the picture!

As one turns to history, some have done so for a variety of reasons. Other have gone for a re-branding or sorts after they have been published and gone on to become successful authors. But I wonder if fellow first time authors written under a pen name or have thought of using one?

Two Years, and now a Four Part series.

In a few weeks’ time, it will be nearly two years since I started my bookwriting journey. It has been a rewarding experience, although many times I was a little slow in writing. There were bursts of writing followed by long phases of almost no writing activity. In the meantime, one got many other ideas that have made me resolve that I will turn my novel into a four part series.

So I have set myself a new target. By November 9th, I will complete the manuscript of Now, Returned to India with no more edits from my side till an Editor sends it back with their comments. Come Nov. 10th, I will start writing the second novel in the series, which will hopefully not take two years!




A first timer’s experience at a Booklovers’ Meet

Last Saturday I was at  an event organized by the Delhi Booklovers Club.  It turned to to be a very interesting afternoon – the highlight of the meet was interaction with published fiction authors. These three authors write in different styles on very interesting topics, and most importantly, had very insightful stories to share. But there was more- it was great to see a couple of dozen booklovers- readers, writers, book critics – spend four hours at the venue, Cafe Ludus and share their views on a variety of topics related to books: about the frustrating wait while dealing with publishers, how to stay motivated when the manuscript is rejected, importance of finding a good editor and over designer, and of course, about how to market books. Book writers and book lovers talking copyright and commerce versus passion for writing.

The published authors at the event were Kanika Dhillon (Author Bombay Duck is a Fish), Neeta Iyer (, and Sid Bahri (The Homing Pigeons). The last one in particular has received very good reviews, and while I have not read any of these books- but I did promise the these authors that I would read them shortly. (which means now I have seven books to read, and four to write… more on the writing in one of my future posts)

Neeta Iyer, author of, reading an excerpt from her book
Sid Bahri- Cafe Ludus, Oct 5 2013
Author Sid Bahri sharing his bookwriting experiences