Meeting other authors is always inspirational

For the past few weeks I have met and interacted with other writers, most of them are first time authors. Incidentally, all of these writers who love to write while managing their professional careers. I have met the authors at alumni meets. and have taken the efforts to go through the pangs of getting their books published the traditional publishing way. They have told me stories of rejections, tales of long and agonizing wait to hear from publishers, the multiple edits to the manuscript, etc… But these seem like rest stops along a long journey, and the end result – the destination- seems to be worth it. I would like to mention a about a few of these authors in my post.

I will start with the most recent first: Vikrant Pande, who has translated a book on Raja Ravi Varma, one of India’s most celebrated painters. The original biography was written in Marathi language by Ranajit Desai. A review of the book can be found here. Vikrant is planning to translate four more books, each on a completely different topic.

The next interaction was with Ankur Mithal, whose book “What Happens in Office, Stays in Office” is about office politics, and other do’s and dont’s. It has received some good reviews at many sites, including the one at goodreads.

Aditya Mukherjee’s debut novel, Bomtown, is a story of young entrepreneurs who set up a restaurant. It has also received positive reviews across multiple forums, and the book’s facebook page has lots of links to reviews other information. I found it quite interesting.

And finally, there is Vivek Kumar Agarwal’s Love, Me and Bullshit – I suppose the title is self explanatory , but yes, it also has the tales of a young guy aiming to make it into business school.

I have not read any of the above books, nor am I writing about them to promote them. In fact, I am planning to buy them and read them myself once I have completed Now, Returned to India. But I thought of mentioning them here because meeting other authors is always a good feeling.


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