Back from a scouting trip

It has been several weeks since my last post- the reason for my absence is that I had drawn a blank when it came to my book writing, and was looking for that restart button. Something within me told me that the button could be found in central India – where my family comes from. So off I went for a couple of weeks, in the middle of the monsoons. I had traveled less than a thousand kilometers but I felt I had also done time travel. Everything was exactly the same as I had last seen it back in 2003, except that the rains had made the entire region green and the prettier.

And after a week of trudging through muck, fighting the occasional mosquitoes, drinking lots of super sweet tea, and lots of sleepless nights, I finally found my groove. The last couple of days in particular have been pretty productive, and I am looking forward to completing the draft by the end of this week.

p.s: I received a positive response from another publisher…Image


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