Back on Track

One of the most important things that I have learnt from talking to and reading about other authors is that they are incredibly focused when they are writing a book. Some have a set schedule: they might write during a specific time of the day. Others carry a letterpad and a pen to write down their ideas. One writer even told me that she tuns into a hermit: she spends a couple of months every year in central India, where her family owns property that is literally in the middle of nowhere.

You might have guessed that in my case, do none of the above applies. And that is a problem. So I am pushing myself to bring my writing back on schedule, I am hopeful of completing my draft in a month’s time. It is also unfortunate that I lost one potential reader past Monday, my mother, who was very keen on reading my first book. One hopes that the final product will do justice to her enthusiasm.


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