Sample chapters sent, now the wait begins..

Sample chapters of the book

I had decided to send the sample chapters off to the publishers specifically today. The reason was that today happens to be Akshay Tritiya, which is considered to be a very auspicious day in the part of the world I come from. Not that I am a superstitious person. It’s just that instead of sending it with no set date in mind, (my earlier stand was that “I will send them when I am ready!”) today became a deadline of sorts. And thats what kept me going.

The constant feeling I get is that the whole experience is very similar to applying to grad school. The following thoughts might make you concur with me.

Before sending to the publishers, one has to scan the universe of publishers who will entertain one’s category of work. In my case it was fiction, which is a satire. It is mostly based on my own life, so it could be an autobiography of sorts. But it is also humor. So which category I should pitch it as?

I also had to do research on why publisher  X? Why not y? What is it that they look for? What is their response time? Some publishers in India have given a time range of four to twelve weeks. Others ask for a response time of five to six months. That is a very wide range. So should I consider the self publishing option? Should my book be a e-book only?

Lots of questions to be answered. From a reader’s perspective, why would anybody want to read my book? What is the message that they would get out of it? Why would anybody want to spend four or five hours of their time (maybe more!) reading my story?

As you can see, writing a book is no easy task. Especially for a first timer.


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